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Tom Jackson has lived in the Hesperia area all of his life, and attended Hesperia Community Schools, graduating in 2011. Prior to graduating, Tom helped form a coalition of students whose goal was to enhance student life by bringing more substance to school events in the form of the technology that was used. Tom has always had a keen knowledge of computers, technology, and related fields. Tom was able to apply this knowledge in the service of his nation, serving in the Army National Guard from 2011 to 2019, as a Joint Nodal Network Operator. It was Tom’s responsibility in this role to facilitate satellite communications in the battlefield. Upon returning from Basic Training, Tom jumped right back into the saddle with the Hesperia Theatre Association as its Sound Technology Director, as well as serving on its Board of Directors. In this role, Tom focuses primarily on sound equipment, care and use of facilities equipment and props, crowd control, event logistics, and digital marketing. 

Mike Jansma is a life long resident of Hesperia, MI, and a graduate of Hesperia High School’s class of 2011. From a very early age, Mike took an interest in computers, and took to tinkering with them, much to his father’s chagrin. In high school, Mike joined a group of students that took care of setting up sound and lights for the dances, concerts, and more. He ended up taking over the bulk of the operations, and still serves in this capacity. He has been the Technical Director for the Hesperia Area Theatre Association since its inception in 2013 and serves on its Board of Directors as Secretary. In this capacity, Mike focuses on lighting, stage management, event logistics, crowd control, and staff management.  

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